Nokia halts legal action against Daimler

In 2019, Nokia and Daimler escalated their dispute about network patents in the auto industry which lead Nokia to bring up a dozen of lawsuits against Daimler and their tier 1 suppliers, on which Daimler responded with a complaint to the European Commission asking the EU’s body to determine how should patents be licensed in the auto industry.

As Reuters reports, Nokia unilaterally decided to halt the legal actions against Daimler in hopes of reaching an agreement. Postponing the hearing that was scheduled on 10th December in Germany should give both parties more time to negotiate their differences in this dispute.

Daimler refused to comment Nokia’s decision to Reuters, but reiterated that Daimler has a different opinion how to license telecommunication standard essential patents in auto industry. EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager welcomed Nokia’s move and according to Reuters, EU was ready to open an investigation regarding this issue until Nokia made the mediation offer.

Source: Reuters