Rumor: Nokia Starlord, Nebula, Rocket, what is next, Nokia Gamora?

Nokia Mobile, or the team in charge of the new phone creation, is pretty much connected with the Marvel characters. You can’t blame them since everybody likes superheroes, well some of them. Batman sucks, he is just a rich guy. Anyway, Nokia Mobile changed the internal naming scheme or the production code names over a year ago and started using superhero names from the Marvel world. To commemorate the death of one and only Stan Lee, Juho Sarvikas mentioned that the 2019 lineup of Nokia phones will be carrying Marvel superhero internal names.
So, we have Nokia Starlord or Nokia 6.2, Nokia Daredevil (Nokia 7.2), Nokia 5.3 is CaptainAmerica, Nokia C1 is Rocket (the raccoon), while Nokia C2 is from Guardians of the Galaxy too and it was bearing code name Nebula.

Now we are expecting Nokia Wolverine, which is going to be yet another affordable smartphone, according to Geekbench. Maybe this is Nokia TA-1258 that we have seen on TENAA, but the frequency of the CPU cores doesn’t match. Anyway, Wolverine is the only so far from the Wolverine mobile, but according to one of our tipsters, Nokia Mobile isn’t done with the Guardians of the Galaxy characters. He mentioned that there is also Nokia Gamora being developed in parallel with the Nokia Wolverine. The tipster couldn’t confirm the existence of this device by some document, and Gamora is yet not to be found on Geekbench or anywhere else. He did say there is a high possibility it is going to be a smartphone. Anyway, we are expecting at max four phones from Nokia Mobile this year, so we’ll be watching Geekbench constantly ;).