Nokia back at Top 10 mobile phone vendors in Taiwan (October 2017)

HMD Global was one of the top 10 mobile phone manufacturers in Taiwan for the month of October 2017. Nokia managed to get to the 8th place on the list of most sold phone brands with 2% marketshare last month in Taiwan. In terms of sales, Nokia phones accounted for 0.7% of the total phone revenue for October. That suggests that the average price of Nokia phones was below the overall average price of phones for October, meaning that majority of Nokia phones were lower priced, and probably a significant number of feature phones are included in Nokia’s sales as well.

As expected, Apple with 28% marketshare grabbed over half of the revenue for October. Samsung was number 2, with 20% of volume and 18% of revenue. You can check the full list in the graphs posted down below.

Phone marketshare in October 2017
Revenue marketshare in October 2017

HMD, as a private company, is not obligated to share sales number, so it’s good and interesting to see some sales information. In this case, it’s good HMD is making progress and again entered the top 10 segment in Taiwan, but, as always, the results could be even better.

Via: VTechgraphy

Source: eprice