Croatian A1 offering Nokia Beacon 3 to its customers

Croatian A1 is the first operator in Croatia to enable the fastest uninterrupted Home WiFi. They can do that by offering Beacon 3 to its customers, and the price is pretty much reasonable. The one-time payment for Beacon 3 is just a little over €1 and the additional €4 per month for the next 24 months, which makes the total price of a Beacon 3 little less than €100.

This is actually great news since I’ve been using services of A1 for a long time now, and the routers they have been providing for the past few years turned me into a gray wizard. After I installed beacon 3, I finally reached 150 Mbps, which what I was paying for.

Nokia also announced Beacon 1 which is more affordable beacon and probably also great for creating good quality home WiFi mesh, but that one is nowhere to find. If you are interested in Beacon 3, do check our review.

Croatians head here to find more details about the offer.