The next Nokia Smart TV flash sales will start on 19 January 2020

Nokia needs to be in the consumer market if it wants its brand to be recognized, or better say alive. The wide range of consumer products can be beneficial, and that is the reason why Nokia is searching for an opportunity to spread its brand in different markets. The TV market proved to be an opportunity for a lot of brands, and now that everyone can make a good quality TV set, Nokia wants to be a part of it. Flipkart partnered with Nokia and created a Nokia Smart TV that seems like a good product. The TV is being sold in small batches since the production is not big yet, but the reviews and grades it is getting are great.

The average rating of 4.4 isn’t bad, and people are mostly happy with its new TV set. The sound system which is powered by JBL got the highest grades, and that is a feature that Flipkart and Nokia are relying to.
Anyway, the price of the Nokia Smart TV is now set to ₹41,999, and the next sales will be opened at noon (IST) on 19 January.

If you are interested in it, check the Flipkart web to see more details about the offer.

Anyone here got the Nokia Smart TV?