New Android 10 build brings 3-button navigation option for Nokia 4.2

For some reason, some Nokia Mobile smartphones, like the Nokia 4.2 or Nokia 7.2, didn’t come with the option to use 3-button navigation in Android 10. The reason could be the fact that Android 10 focused on “gesture navigation”, so to have a bigger adoption of new navigation system, only gesture navigation and 2-button navigation was supported.


With the recent Android 10 MR (maintenance release) update for the Nokia 4.2, the 3-button navigation has been enabled for that device, as was shared with us by our reader Tim. The 3-button navigation still isn’t available on our Nokia 7.2, so I assume with a future MR update we might see it as well.

I personally still use the 3-button navigation on my primary device. I don’t like the gesture implementation, not only on Android One, but in general on Android phones. As someone who used Nokia N9 and the simple swipe interface, the gestures on Android devices feel inferior, but that’s just my opinion. What do you think?

Thanks Tim for the tip. 🙂