Nokia Mobile and CMR study: What consumers seek from their phones?

The extended lockdown posed different effects on our mobile phone usage patterns and has probably increased our “we” time with our phones.

To purely study these effects on the changing traditions of usage of phones amongst the Indians due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CyberMedia Research (CMR) in collaboration with HMD Global (Nokia Mobile), gained some insights from about 800 respondents.

Now, let us see some of the numerical insights from the study:

Rise in Music Consumption

About 76% of the respondents like to listen to their favorite music for at least one time a day. And 70% prefer MP3 while 54% prefer FM. There are also about 51% of them who prefer to tune into podcasts.

As per the study, there is a rise in freemium (Free + Premium) audio content with about 33% preference. On average, people tend to use their audio content for about 7 hours.

Digital Detox

Yes, digital detox, which many of us would find it difficult to do, but around 76% of the survey participants highlight its need. Now, about the same amount of people would not mind owning a feature phone along with a smartphone for communications and for tuning into their musical contents.

For uncomplicated music listening, to remove digital fatigue, and even because of more battery drainage and internet consumption, 60% would prefer a feature phone and not a smartphone.

SEC: Socio-economic level

What do buyers want in a feature phone?

Well, long battery life is a must (86%), but people from all the different age groups would also appreciate high-quality music playback (84%) and powerful speakers (70%) in a feature phone. Maybe Nokia 5310? 😉

How do people choose a brand for their feature phones?

Trustworthiness (84%) tops the chart, followed by reliability (78%), durability (72%), and dependability (64%). The least that the buyers are asking for is value for money (60%) on their lookout for a feature phone brand.


There is a rise in the section of people who prefer better audio quality in their phones. The smartphones weigh much heavier than the feature phones, and maybe that is why the buyers are open to buying a feature phone more than ever. Now that people have spent a lot of time focusing on their smartphone screens, more and more consumers would like to go through a digital detox, because of being overexposed and overloaded with digital burdens.

As per CMR, considering the sample size of this study, they expect a change of only 3.5% (plus or minus) if the entire population of India had been a part of it.

For the detailed insights and demographical details, check the study here.

Would you opt for a digital detox? What would your ideal feature phone look like? Tell us in the comments section below.