Nokia could return to Top 100 most valuable brands next year?


Once one of the most valuable and known brands in the world, today is just a fractal of its former glory – but Nokia is slowly making progress.

In 2008 Nokia was the No.8 on Fobres Top 100 list of most valuable brands with a brand value of $33 billion dollars. In 2012, under the leadership of infamous Stephen Elop, Nokia’s brand value fell under $2 billion dollars.


Thanks to the current leadership, especially Risto Siilasmaa and CEO Rajeev Suri, Nokia made a big progress from the miserable 2012 brand value. In 2014, after selling the ‘Devices and Services division’, Nokia’s brand value rose to $3 billion dollars, but without a presence in the consumer market. A year later, the value increased to $5.15 billion dollars.

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Consultant company BrandWorxx estimates that ‘the Nokia’ brand is currently worth almost $10 billion dollars. The bump in brand value comes after acquiring Alcatel-Lucent. We can expect a further increase in brand value, because the Nokia-brand is returning to the mass-consumer mobile market.

#Nokia could earn $400 million per year for brand licencing

On the ‘Forbes Top 100 most valuable brands 2016 list’, ranked 100th was Costo with a brand value of $6.7 billion dollars. If Forbes used a methodolology similar what BradWorxx uses, Nokia could make it on the next year’s list. 🙂

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