Detailed unboxing and demo of gorgeous cyan Nokia 5.3

When I saw Nokia 7.2 in Forrest Green, I must say it was love at first feel, and then the first photo of Nokia 5.3 in cyan showed up. The phone looked even better than the 7.2 since Nokia Mobile added a bit more curve to the back of the body which reflects light beautifully creating that cool polar night effect, almost like in Nokia 8.3.

Anyway, I found an unboxing video done by Vy Vo Xuan. Knowing his videos, you get more than the regular unboxing of a cyan Nokia 5.3. He did a nice hands-on of the device, showed how it looks n that jelly protective case, demoed a bit of gaming, and showed us that the main camera is currently the only giving decent results, even though it can overexpose some shots and loose details. Maybe Vy Vo Xuan was in a hurry, but there is a place for software improvements (added some shots in the gallery below).

From what I could see in the video, the macro camera is really underperforming and won’t give great photos, but could be useful for something. After all, this is an affordable midrange device, and with a good price it will perform well for more than two years. by the way, it is nice to see swipe screen gestures embedded in the Android One.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing Nokia 5.3 in cyan, and really hope that this color version will be seen more in the shops.