A bug prevents Nokia 1 owners from unlocking their screen, even with right PIN/Pattern

Imagine you have to make a call, an important call, but you cannot unlock the screen of your device, even though you entered the right pattern or PIN for the lockscreen. You restart the phone, you reboot the phone, you take the battery out and back in, but it still says wrong PIN even though you’re sure you entered the right one for the 20th time.

That’s basically what happened to a bunch of Nokia 1 users (the particular call stuff to my family member) after the Android 9 Pie update (July 2019 security patch in my case). And what do you do? Some users on Community Forum report that the phone eventually lets you in, while entering the camera and trying to access the home screen solves the problem, because the PIN got accepted when I tried opening the homescreen from the camera.

I know the Nokia 1 is a low end phone and basically all I expect it to do right, which it did before the last update, was to make calls, send text and be stable enough to use some non-demanding essential apps like Whatsapp and the browser.

A bug that prevents unlocking the device should’ve been spotted in Q&A, because it’s something that can make a user to never again buy a Nokia device, especially if the phone fails in the situation you need it to work, while you did all the recommended restart/reboot stuff which should make it work.

Anyways, hopefully this will expose this issue a bit more to HMD, so they can fix the problem as promptly as possible.