Photo: FCC disassembled the Nokia 2.1

Nokia 2.1 is almost ready for the USA and its debut there. It just passed the FCC office as Nokia TA-1080, TA-1084 and also TA-1092. The TA-1084 will support more bands, which is something you are getting this phone from some unofficial stores or web shops. Anyway, people at the FCC disassembled the device completely and took pictures of its intimate parts. I don’t know if you want to look at the photos, but here are some.

The internal arrangement of the battery, various antennas, and circuit boards always interests me to see how really difficult is to come with the end look of the device. For example, Nokia 2.1 is a bit bulky because of its rather large 4000 mAh battery fitted under not so large screen which resulted in for today’s standards chubby shape. To fill up the extra space above and below the screen, HMD placed there two speakers, which is quite nice for an entry device.
The device which is running the Android GO software should cost around $100 which could interest many. To find out more details of the device, go to FCC pages and through all the documents released (TA-1080, TA-1084, TA-1092).