Camera comparison between Nokia 5.3 and iPhone 11. The gap is huge!

When choosing a new smartphone, everyone wishes to get the best for the money, but the budget makes you choose a smartphone from a certain class. The gap between the classes, low, mid, high, and all in between, are usually visible, but some phones look like they belong to a pricier class, but they perform like an affordable one. Nokia 5.3 is one of those phones that have great looks and nice built quality, but the hardware sets it in an affordable midrange class of smartphones. While Snapdragon 665 might still be considered as a capable processor for mid-range devices, its cameras just don’t perform as the cameras of pricier phones like Nokia 7.2, or iPhone 11 for example. You might agree that Nokia 5.3 does look better than the iPhone 11, but the difference in camera quality is huge.

Abodesta did a nice camera comparison that demonstrates how big the difference is. This clearly shows that with 5.3 you will be getting a beautifully designed and probably well-built device, but you must be aware that it is an affordable mid-ranger after all.

Well, the results of this comparison are expected. But, it seems to me that Nokia 5.3 cameras could be improved by some software tweaks, and if Nokia Mobile does just that, the phone might be a bestseller in the class.

Cheers SirFaceFon for the tip, and Abodesta 😉