Nokia 6 and 5 coming to India in mid-August

HMD Global is currently facing difficulties since it is not able to reach all the planned markets at desired dates previously given. However, HMD is trying to get things right and pushing itself on bringing the devices that are most wanted sooner to the market, especially at the Indian market which is of much interest for them. In an official statement sent to the NPU, HMD (Nokia Mobile India) said that the demand for the Nokia 3 is huge and that they increased the production of the device in India. In the coming weeks, they will start producing the Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 according to the NPU, since Nokia 3 has priority.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the Nokia6 and Nokia 5 sales is also moved to the mid of August.

I understand that it is better to experience the problems with logistics and productions in early start than later when flag ship model will be presented and put into production. But the waiting is making fans go crazy, and the whole situation reminds me of Nokia Lumia 920 arrival which was 6 or more moths late. After all, HMD isn’t Nokia or Microsoft, so let’s give them a chance.