Nokia C210 is quite easy to disassemble

Not long ago, Nokia introduced two new low-cost smartphones aimed at the US market, Nokia C210 and G310 5G. The main focus of these smartphones isn’t only affordability and robust design, but also that they’re easy to repair to prolong their life in the hands of users.

The Techno Rabin YT channel recently published an insightful disassembly video of Nokia C210 aimed primarily at professionals. The video offers a detailed look at the inner workings of the Nokia C210  and shows how effortlessly it can be disassembled for the replacement of components such as the battery, the USB port and even the display.

Removing the back cover is a breeze and requires nothing more than a guitar pick. However, a Torx tool is required to get at the plastic covers that cover two motherboards. Once these covers are removed, you gain access to a world of components, including circuit boards, cameras, connectors and the battery.

The main body of the device is made of aluminium, which the ODM responsible for making this phone for Nokia Mobile uses to effectively dissipate heat – obviously a crucial factor given the octa-core Snapdragon 662, which is manufactured in an 11nm process and powers the device.

The 3000 mAh battery is attached to the aluminium casing with a pull strap, which simplifies replacement should it fail to meet the expected performance specifications.

In summary, the Nokia C210 is quite user-friendly in terms of maintenance, even for those who aren’t professional smartphone repair technicians. And if you do venture to disassemble it, be sure to watch the assembly video as well. After all, no one wants extra parts lying around when their phone is fully assembled and working as it should.