Rumor: Nokia 3310 4G is coming soon?

I had an interview with Alberto Matrone, VP of HMD for Eastern Europe, and during it we spoke about feature phones. By the way, interview will be written shortly. So, when asked when will Nokia 3310 3G spread even more globally, he told me that 3G is slowly becoming where 2G was few years ago, a baseline for operators, and that the focus is shifting towards 4G. Two new Nokia phones got certified recently and one of those, TA-1077, could be the 4G version of the Nokia 3310.

This got revealed on the Nokibar forum where a member Dying is suggesting (speculating) just that. He also confirmed that TA-1054 is obviously Nokia 6 (2018), and the only unassigned model number is TA-1062 that appears to be a smartphone of some kind, since the supported bands list is a bit longer.

So, maybe he is right if we connect the bits coming from Matrone and Nokibar forum. Nokia 3310 is a huge marketing success, a bit of nostalgia that looks great and just works, and it could be right tool for bringing the 4G into feature phones. Some operators are basing their networks just on 4G so it seems logical to invest a bit more money and develop 4G version of the revamped iconic Nokia phone.