The price of Nokia Power Earbuds discounted on Nokia mobile shop in China

Chinese Nokia Mobile Shop is having a discount on Nokia Power Earbuds, a great accessory that unfortunately didn’t have much success around the world. Many European markets never saw these buds in stores, and probably the same happened in other markets around the globe.
Anyway, the price of BH-605 or Nokia Power Buds is 200 Juan lower for the next 5 days, and the buds now cost ¥499.00, which is close to € 65. These Nokia buds look nice and can offer 5 hours of playback with an additional 150 hours when the buds are recharged by the battery hidden in the case.

I am not sure why those buds weren’t advertised more or bundled with more Nokia smartphones since the product seems nice. Even GSMArena, which was the only media that ever reviewed them, said that for the price Nokia Power Earbuds are great and worth buying. But, Nokia Mobile didn’t bother to invest a bit more into this kind of accessory, and like all the other official Nokia accessories, Power Earbuds will be known only as an article that was once listed on Nokia webpage.
If you want to check the offer in Cina, hit the link.

I know that Power Earbuds were offered with Nokia 7.2 in some European markets. Anyone here got them? Can you tell how are the buds performing?