#Withings introduced “Baby Mode” for its Body and Body Cardio scales

Withings, soon to be rebranded as Nokia, added one more feature to its Withings Body and Body Cardio smart scales. The new feature is called “Baby Mode” and it gives you the ability to measure and monitor accurately your child’s growth. The whole procedure is really simple, you just have to measure yourself and then again, but with a baby in your hands. The parent’s weight is then deducted and the child’s weight is added to its profile in the Health Mate app.

If you own a Withings Body or Body Cardio, here is how the new feature works:





  1. Create a profile for the baby in the Health Mate app (specify gender, height & most recent weight).









2. Step on the scale alone & go through the complete weigh-in process.






3. Within 5 minutes, step on the scale again – with the baby this time. The parent’s weight is automatically zeroed out, and the scale will recognize the baby’s profile to display the baby’s weight






4. Measurements will be sent automatically via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® to the Health Mate app, where the parent can follow the baby’s weight trend and view ranges showing what is healthy for reference.







Unfortunately, this option came 3 years too late for me, but this could be very helpful to young parents that need or want to easily monitor their child’s progress.