Nokia SU-8W keyboard taking us back to the future

Karol Mattila, the Head of Government Relations at Nokia, just tweeted the part of the Nokia history that I forgot and was super excited when first saw. Now that everybody is talking about foldable phones, I’m here drooling about the Nokia SU-8W, the foldable BT keyboard from 2007. Mattila is still using his Nokia keyboard today but now paired with his iPad, not the S60 Nokia phone.

Back in 2007, there were legendary phones like Nokia N95 8GB and I remember that I was dreaming of having a Nokia BT keyboard that I could pair with it and write emails quicker… It didn’t sound that stupid back then. It was pretty much the future, and it is still today as Mattila said. The wireless keyboard SU-8W was specially designed for compatible Nokia phones with the Series 60 user interface that supports Bluetooth wireless technology.

Nokia SU-8W by AAWP

The keyboard even had a retractable cradle on which you can keep your phone while using it. It was powered by two AAA batteries that would last about 50 hours. But, the best part of this keyboard is that you could fold it down and make it compact so you can carry it around in your bag. Nokia SU-8W could be found useful even today when people are still using tablets unless they have super light and expensive laptops. I found a nice review of the Nokia foldable keyboard done by PhoneArena that you might enjoy checking.

Nokia SU-8W indeed is bringing us back to the future. I hope that Nokia Mobile had in their mind an accessory like this and that it didn’t cancel it since it would be super cool to take it out in public and start writing on it. It would fit nicely a new Nokia phone.

Thanks to Karol Mattila for bringing nice memories back!