Geekbench score of Nokia 5.3 lower than score of Nokia 7 Plus and 7.2


Nokia 5.3 still isn’t available in the stores worldwide, but the GeekBench results started showing up. The device is a new midrange that is finally coming with a new version of the Snapdragon 660 processor that Nokia Mobile has been recycling for quite some time. Snapdragon is a rather capable processor and users of Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 7.2 can tell you that. But, the processor is more for Nokia 5.3 than 7.2, but to use it again in a new device would be pushing too far for Nokia Mobile. That is why they chose a newer processor, Snapdragon 665, which is actually almost the same as 660 (cores are the same, frequencies also), but it is built in an 11 nm process and has a better Adreno 610 GPU.
Generally, Snapdragon 665 is a slightly better processor that should be working better than the older SD660, but Geekbench test results aren’t suggesting that.

As you can see above, the best results were achieved by Nokia 7.2, which has a tuned version of SD660 that can work well with the quad-camera system. The older Nokia 7 Plus which is also powered by SD660 got a better score than the Nokia 5.3.
Since we never tested Nokia 5.3, we can’t say if it is running faster or slower than Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 7.2. Maybe the SD665 in 5.3 is better optimized at lower speeds, but usually, that isn’t the case on Geekbench results where the higher score represents a faster processor. And, when you have a faster processor, the OS runs more quickly on the device.
This Geekbench test was done on May 10, and there is still time for Nokia Mobile to further tune the device with some MR updates in the near future. Well, the good thing is that Geekbench tests for Nokia 5.3 turn out better than the tests for Nokia 6.2 which is understandable since 6.2 is powered by SD 636. That might be a slight advantage for Nokia 5.3 over a smartphone from a higher class, unless you want to go for a better camera setup that 6.2 is offering. Also, if you opt for Nokia 5.3, you’ll be buying a device that has the speed of last years much faster midrange devices.

In the end, I need to mention that this kind of comparison is not 100% corrects since until we test the devices we won’t be sure how it behaves. That is why the reviews are for 😉

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