Jolla released Roku, a new Sailfish OS update

Jolla is introducing us to a new national park in Finland which means that a new update is released for Sailfish OS. The latest update 3.3.0 is named after Rokua which is a part of Finland’s first UNESCO Geopark. Maybe now it is a good time to visit that park if you are living in Finland, but the rest will be happy to hear that new update brings some changes that are visible and under the hood.
The new updates are new weather icons, Nextcloud account, support for Global Address List (GAL), and EAP-TLS Support. New Sailfish OS 3.3.0 also brings updates for the lower level of the stack, new toolchain, a new version of Python, and many updates to core libraries such as glib2.
You can find more details about those visible and more technical, or under the hood, changes on Jolla’s latest blog.


Anyone here has a Sailfish OS running device?