Nokia OZO extends collaboration with Oppo for FindX3 Phone series

Back in March 2020, Nokia OZO announced it is bringing its OZO Audio experience to Oppo Find X2 series of phones. The collaboration was obviously good since Nokia OZO announced the expansion of the collaboration for the Oppo Find X3 series of the smartphones.

Nokia OZO didn’t share the details about what Audio products they are licensing, but according to the Tweet, Find X3 users will be getting the ability to record rich spatial surround audio with the audio zooming feature. No doubt that Oppo Find X3 phone will be able to record good quality sound thanks to this collaboration. 

Besides spatial audio recording and audio zooming, OZO is also offering its windscreen option to remove those wind noises and an Audio framing feature for isolating sound sources on the video. 

To find out more about Nokia OZO and what it can offer to the end-users, do check their official page.