Nokia doubled OZO Audio features

The only thing left of the 25000 USD worth Nokia OZO 360 camera is the custom audio recording. When it was announced, HD 360 audio recording was something new and definitely necessary for Nokia’s only 360 camera. Nowadays, Nokia OZO stands for spatial audio recording with great depth and detail on your smartphone. However, OZO Audio is not just a simple 3D audio recording, because Nokia has taken it further than I would have thought possible.

OZO Audio offers the following options (11 of them, to be exact):

  1. Audio 3D – Record a 3D audio landscape for a spatial experience.
  2. Audio Zoom – something similar to Zoom, but for sound
  3. Ambient Noise Reduction – reducing background noise to make the recorded audio sound more natural.
  4. Audio Framing – precise sound mapping
  5. Microphone blocking detection – notifies you when some of the device’s microphones are blocked (e.g. by fingers)
  6. Audio Windscreen – filters out wind noise
  7. Audio Source Tracking – tracks the dog for audio
  8. Audio Tune – fine-tune the recorded sound with adjustment tools.
  9. Intelligent Noise Reduction – intelligent processing of background noise that distinguishes the type of sound
  10. Audio Detect – detection of audio
  11. Motor Noise Reduction – reduction of engine noise with filter algorithms.

All of these OZO Audio features can be licensed for smartphones, tablets, cameras, body cameras and various other devices. Nokia Mobile uses noise cancellation, wind noise reduction and Audi 3D on some of its phones. But it’s not just Nokia phones that use OZO Audio, Oppo, One Plus and Asus phones do as well. It will certainly be interesting to see if the legal battle between Nokia and Oppo will affect the OZO licensing agreement for BBK’s phones.

Ozo can be found in Panasonic branded products (probably cameras and various audio recording devices) and Axon body cameras (remember Axon and who works for them in the camera department, if you can’t, click on the link).

More details on OZO Audio can be found on the Nokia OZO Audio website.