#GSMArena readers want a next #Nokia Camera phone. Here is what we think about it.


GSMArena posted the results of their poll where their readers were asked what do they want from HMD, or even a better next Nokia smartphone. This is a legitimate question since we are all eagerly waiting for Nokia to make a comeback into the smartphone market. And it is not an easy task since so many things are at stake here. Obviously, Nokia won’t invest much of their money, but their name (which has a great value) is in jeopardy. If the mid or top range model sucks, Nokia will be burned once again in smartphone business. Maybe not as Samsung, but it cannot afford to make a lame start.

So, GSMArena’s reader mostly wants (26% of them) a superb camera phone, something like Nokia 930/950/1020/808, or combination of mentioned models. The next group (23%) wants a great value for the price which is a reasonable thinking and I agree, but with some additions.


In general, focusing on just one thing would be money not well spent. For me, and whole Nokiamob crew, next midrange or top model needs to be a complete phone, with everything inside and to be price sensitive. That means that the next midrange phone should have a great camera (like in Nokia Lumia930 and OIS included), great battery life (4000 mAh or more), all the things from Lumia 920/1520 (FullHD screen of great outdoor visibility, double tap to unlock, glance screen), great hardware, 3 GB of RAM minimally, Snapdragon 821 processor, 32/64 GB of internal storage, microSD card slot, nfc, wireless charging, USB type C, 3.5 mm jack (ha ha) and some quality speakers with quality sound exit, decent front facing camera (8MP), nice design obviously and durability of the casing.

Now, if they could squeeze that in $200, or €200, we would have a winner! If you think this is a funny article, trust me it is not. First shot needs to be a quality one or they will last just one year or a bit more since it is Nokia. If I described top model, that I can stand another 100€ more on the price. However, they should focus on something that will make them visible (graphene camera), great battery, sound, specs and design (+durability). Nokia had that kind of a model, just remember Nokia Lumia 1520, or Nokia Lumia 830. Those are one of the best smartphones in the sense of completeness, or best Nokia made. They are still competitive, especially 1520 which had all you need from a top model (except maybe apps, but for reasonable user WP 8.1 was ok).


Would like to hear your opinions. Share them via comments.