Known issues with Android Q V4.011 – 00WW_4_011


Nokia Mobile today announced that the beta version of the next Android OS release is available for the Nokia 8.1. Android Q can be downloaded, or better to say, flashed today with the assistance of Nokia Mobile’s developer site, but that isn’t recommended for regular users. Instead, developers could use it to test their apps on the next version of Android or enthusiast for the purpose of testing it.

On the Community Forum HMD moderators posted a list of known issues with Android Q (V4.011 – 00WW_4_011) and that follows down below:

  • UI – Camera Launcher icon missing
  • Feature – Gestures not fully integrated
  • APNs – APNs may not be automatically applied upon inserting SIM card – Need to be manually inserted
  • UI – Network signal bar flashes and may appear unsteady (This is only a UI issue, not actual signal representation)
  • Camera (Snapdragon) – Colour mode may be intermittent
  • Camera (Snapdragon) – App may auto exit when pressing Face Tracking several times
  • Camera (Snapdragon) – Camera may auto exit after selecting Pause and Stop whilst in camcorder mode
  • Settings – Duplicate ring tones in alarm settings
  • Motion feature – Motion support is missing i.e turn over to reject call/volume quiet on pickup/Direct all & answer/Smart alert etc
  • Settings – Date/Time is not displayed correctly when using Network time support
  • Settings – Default alert and alarm volume may be too loud
  • Photos – Intermittently may not be able to display images/video which are saved on SD card
  • Fingerprint – Fingerprint icon may sometimes not be visible on lock screen when assigned fingerprint lock/unlock
  • Messaging – Cannot receive SMS if using CMCC SIM card

You can find more details about it (and ask questions directly) on the community forum.