Jolla community brought Sailfish OS to Redmi Note 7

Nokia has a great community, but Jolla’s community deserves a commendation also. Well, most of Jolla fans used to be Nokia fans since Jolla’s roots are deeply embedded in Nokia (MeeGo>SailfishOS). Anyway, their fans are working hard on bringing Jolla’s best product, SailfishOS, to various hardware, and they are doing a great job. So far you can officially install Sailfish OS, the only real third option in the world of smartphone platforms, on Sony devices. But now, thanks to diligent Jolla fan Danct12, you can install it on Redmi Note 7. Sailfish OS is running OK on that hardware except for some minor things like Fingerprint Scanner, Video recording, GPS, FM Radio, Bluetooth, /home encryption, and Mobile data :).
Well, this is just a first version of this port, and probably those things will be fixed in the near future. If you are interested in seeing how Sailfish OS is working and have a spare Redmi Note 7, you can get more info about the port and how to install it by visiting the Danct12 website.

Anyway, I am always wondering why wouldn’t Nokia Mobile cooperate with Jolla more closely and dedicate one of their devices like Nokia 7 Plus or Nokia 8.1 and open it for Sailfish OS. That way they would bring some of their community back to their hardware, offer some more differentiation that one part of the community is looking for. Certainly, that won’t happen while the connection with Google is so tight, but Sailfish OS can’t hurt the relationship. It could be also used for feature phones what Jolla demonstrated two years ago on Nokia 3310 knockoff.

I hope that the Jolla community can make the same thing happen for some older Nokia hardware. I know I would love to see the Sailfish OS on Nokia branded hardware. Would you?