First day at MWC19

The first day in Barcelona is behind us and we got introduced with a new Nokia lineup. You probably had a chance to see our first hands-on videos and impressions of the announced devices, but if you didn’t check it here. The second day in Barcelona is taking us to MWC19, where we are going to take a closer look at the Nokia devices, and maybe find out more about some specific hardware and software related matters of new Nokia devices.


The first day at MWC is usually the most crowded one and this year it is the same. The people for all around the world were rushing inside the congress premises to check what the mobile industry has to show, but there are many people that are going to be working diligently to make this MWC the best one possible. MWC usually visits more than 100K people, and I don’t even know how many companies are present there.

The first thing we wanted to see is HMD’s space which is situated just outside Hall 3 where Nokia has a huge demo area. The HMD’s space is cozy but it is meant for the official meetings not as the demo area. But cool guys from HMD let us stay there and touch everything. Actually, they just gave us demo devices for photo and video shooting and told us not to crash anything :).

The new Nokia lineup was demoed inside the Hall 3, in the Nokia booth which is a nice message to the world that HMD and Nokia are not just superficially connected, but the connection goes deeper. Together with Nokia 210, Nokia 1 Plus, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 4.2 and Nokia 9 Pureview, there were some older models on display, even Nokia 8.1 that we still haven’t chance to test and do the review.

We had an opportunity to chat with various HMD people (engineers, designers) who gave us a nice inside view of how Nokia phones are developed and shared some technical details of Nokia 9 Pureview and other phones.
In the coming hours and days, we’ll be processing materials we acquired today and try to push it as fast as we can.

After HMD, we’ll be visiting Jolla, and tomorrow we have dedicated time for Nokia itself (actually, we begged them to give us a tour around their booth and they said yes).