Nokia 1.3 and Nokia 5310 available on preorders at Nokia online shop

New Nokia phones Nokia 1.3, Nokia 5310, and Kevlar case accessory for Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 are already available in the Nokia online store in Russia. Well, the Nokia 1.3 and 5310 phones are available on preorder and the delivery date is not known. The price of the Android GO Nokia 1.3 is 5990 Russian rubles or €68, while the price of the Nokia 5310 feature phone is set at 3990 Russian rubles or close to €45.

If you need a nice second phone then these two might be just right. Nokia 1.3 is a Whatsapp capable phone which means it is handier, but Nokia 5310 will maybe last longer on a single charge, which means it is perfect for those that rely on calls.

The users of Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 can efficiently protect their graceful phones by the new 007 branded Nokia case made of kevlar. The new accessory was announced recently with new Nokia smartphones that are going to be featured in a new Bond movie. This way the users of 7.2 and 6.2 can feel like a part of the hype that is created by the new Nokia smartphones and Bond movie. The price of the case is 990 rubles, which is approximately €11.

Those are great prices for the affordable Nokia phones, and hope the rest of the world will see those prices too.

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P.S. Don’t be afraid of the Cyrillic letters, we were not hacked by Russian hackers :).

*edit Russian hackers said not yet…