Unknown Nokia device (TA-1049, TA-1074, TA-1063, TA-1057, TA-1070) passed BT SIG

A new, unknown Nokia device has passed Bluetooth SIG certification under five model numbers: TA-1049, TA-1074, TA-1063, TA-1057, TA-1070. The device is described as “GSM/WCDMA/LTE Mobile Phone” and has Bluetooth 4.2.

Bluetooth 4.2, or in other words the lack of Bluetooth 5.0 suggests that the certified device is at least a category below the Nokia 6.1 with Snapdragon 630 and Bluetooth 5.0. It’s interesting that the under “Combined Designs” the certificate has the same numbers (96993,101155) as the one of Nokia 1. The category “Software Version Number” is also fairly similar: 000C_0_260 vs. 000C_0_18A on Nokia 1.

We recently saw the Nokia TA-1099 and TA-1109 passing CCC certification in China. Nokia Mobile also started teasing the announcement of the new Nokia X there. There are more and more signs that we will soon see a new Nokia device from HMD’s workshop.

Source: Bluetooth SIG