First thoughts on Nokia 6.2 from a user point of view

While we are waiting for a review unit of Nokia 6.2, our reader Oscar just swapped the SIM card from his old Nokia 6(2017) to a new Nokia 6.2.

He shared his first thoughts about the device and it is quite interesting to hear what the long-time user of Nokia 6 (2017) thinks of the series 6 latest version. He also posted some photos taken with the 16MP sensor of 6.2 that you can check in greater resolution in his original comment posted on our “Tip us” section.

Here is what he had to say about the Nokia 6.2.

To everyone wondering, there were some rumours about this phone having a quiet ear speaker but it’s not true. Compared to Nokia 6, Nokia 6.2 is:

  • much faster,
  • a bit thicker,
  • has a much bigger display with great colours,
  • louder ear speaker,
  • accurate fingerprint,
  • really good camera with some modern modes like night mode (haven’t got time to test night mode yet),
  • in general better experience

I’m not a gamer so I can’t say anything about that, but overall I haven’t experienced any serious stutters or freezes or losing fps for now.

it’s my first time using the phone with so small bezels and noticed that sometimes your hand can accidentally tap the “back” button, especially while using a camera and holding the phone horizontally, but I think it’s like that with every large-screen phone.

People are complaining about the Google assistant button. In fact, you can’t modify it in setting, all you can do is turn it off completely. Personally, I don’t mind it and haven’t occurred to me to click it accidentally. 

This phone is significantly faster than Nokia 6 or 5 so even if you open google assistant accidentally, your phone loads it up quickly and closes it up quickly if opening it in the first place was unintentional.

The photos look nice, but so are the conditions. There is still some noise present when you fully zoom the shot (crops above, original shots are 5MB large or too large for our server, so check them in the comment). The same thing I noticed on 7.2, but the shots will look stunning on social networks where people usually are displaying their photography skills.

Here is the short video test of EIS in Nokia 6.2 camera.

Thanks Oscar for the first thoughts ;).