Nokia OZO announced three new feature extensions to its portfolio

Nokia OZO is starting 2020 big with some new announcements for the manufacturers and eventually consumers. The audio department of Nokia just announced a few new features or audio solutions to their already impressive portfolio. The first one is Audio Detect that is aimed for the voice assistants. This solution offers better audio detection when the mic is loaded with background sounds and wind.
Nokia OZO also developed an Audio Framing feature that might come handy for digital microphones used for interviews. This feature is mapping the sonic landscape and pinpointing the strongest audio source so the recording can be directed to it, for example to both speakers with front or rear microphones of the device. Both Audio Framing and Audio Detect are part of OZO Audio Capture software.

The third feature is Playback Panorama, which is aimed for headphones, and it is part of the OZO Playback software solution. This feature applies intelligent processing which is broadening the sound field for truly amazing audio experiences.
The winning solution is to have OZO Audio and OZO Playback working together in a device. Nokia smartphones are ideal to commercialize those audio solutions, but lately, we haven’t been hearing a lot about the OZO brand on Nokia phones. Maybe that will change with Nokia 8.3 since Nokia Mobile worked a lot with Nokia itself on that model, maybe to bring something more than just 5G support.

Learn more about new features at Nokia OZO pages.