Nokia 3.4 not selling well in the Philippines

Nokia 3.4

The headline does not sound well because Nokia 3.4 is one of the cheapest Android Nokia consumers can buy today and has rather well balanced for the price, but Nokia fans are not buying it. At €145 EUR ($178 USD), the Nokia 3.4 offers an HD+ IPS display, Snapdragon 460 SoC, and a triple camera setup. The thing is, other manufacturers are offering phones with almost the same price, but richer hardware spec list.

You can read our review of Nokia 3.4 here, and our recent hands-on here.

Nokia 3.4

The Philippine market which, as of now, is just as competitive as its neighboring countries has seen a lot of contenders this year. When the Nokia 3.4 launched in November, Nokia Mobile has made a choice to make the device an online exclusive. Shopee Philippines picked up the offer, and all hell breaks loose.

The good thing about online shopping is that we get the idea of how many units of the listed item was sold. At the same time, this is a bad thing for most shops who didn’t received much love from shoppers — Nokia Mobile being one of such.

Upon checking their flagship store, we have gotten a better idea of which device sells most, and which sells less. Currently, the Nokia 110 is sold out, selling 336 units. However, the top sales goes to Nokia 105 which sold 517 units this month. When you clicked the actual listing, it’s a way better statistics. Lifetime, the Nokia 105 sold over 2,600 units.

Nokia 3.4

Now, to the most expensive on the Shopee Mall listing, the Nokia 3.4, only managed to sell 11 units lifetime — that means in December. This is followed by Nokia 2.4 which sold 8 units for December (159 lifetime), and Nokia C2 for 23 units (527 lifetime). This is sad considering Shopee made a storewide sale last December 12 (12.12 sale).

Just a disclaimer, Nokia Mobile is also available in other e-commerce websites such as Lazada, and Zalora (a fashion website). This means, other models mentioned may have a better statistics all throughout their lifetime.

At the same time, the Nokia 3.4 is a Shopee-exclusive device which means, what you see on the stats is what really was sold. Nokia Mobile also confirmed a week ago that the Nokia 3.4 is still online exclusive. So no physical stores for now.

The Nokia 3.4 is still available on Shopee for ₱7,990. The deal comes with a mystery box, and a 007 card case which two colors to choose from — Charcoal and Fjord (currently unavailable).