Nokia Mobile to announce new phones on March 19 in London

As James Bond has No time to die, the same applies to Nokia smartphones. While the new James Bond movie is coming in April, new Nokia phones are coming a month before. Nokia Mobile has finally set the announcement date for the next lineup of Nokia phones. All of you coming here should or could spare some time on March 19 when Nokia Mobile is planning to hold an event. The event will be organized in London, and the location is not yet available. The announcement video suggests that we could see a Bond dedicated Nokia phone since the date is revealed in a Bond manner.

We expect to see at least three smartphones, Nokia 1.3, Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 8.3, and also some new feature phones. One of the feature phones should be a new member of the Nokia Originals, and most likely Nokia Mobile is planning to revive the XpressMusic series phone that will be coming with large stereo speakers. maybe we could see some of the official Nokia accessories too. There are some 007 kevlar cases being made for Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 which are interesting.

There is still some info missing about the event, but Nokia Mobile will probably stream it over social networks and YouTube.

OK guys, the atmosphere is starting to heat up. What are your expectations?


Thanks dear all for the tip 😉