Nokia E90 Communicator revisited by MrNokia

You can define filthy rich in several ways, but in 2007 you could do it by purchasing the Nokia E90 communicator. I could never afford this device so I rather went for an iPhone killer or Nokia 5800 XM, but today you can get E90 for a reasonable amount and our sheikh Abdulla Zaki did just that. The latest addition to Abdulla’s Nostalgia series of videos is a hands-on video of the Nokia E90 Communicator, a wet dream for many back in the days when Nokia was at its peak. You should also never forget that this device could send text messages through Excel, or at least that is what Kelly Rowland thought :).

Abdulla did another great video and he is giving us a tour of Nokia’s flagship device from 2007. Nokia E90 was the last communicator of its kind and represented the end of an era. The Nokia E90 used to cost a fortune back in 2007 and came with a magnificent folding form factor with a fantastic QWERTY Keyboard. The video covers all of the Nokia E90 key features and weaknesses of its time.


Man, just look at this beauty. Words are not needed here so just stare at it for a while.

Samsung just announced a new version of the flip and foldable smartphones, but although looking beautiful, foldable phones are still fragile as hell, and the crease is pretty much still visible. Nokia’s approach could be revisited and potentially brought to the market. We already have flip phones, but maybe a foldable smartphone with two or three hard glass-covered screens could be a thing?