Nokia G10, Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 2.2 receiving new updates

Nokia G10 in Night

Nokia G10 that our Abdulla unboxed just recently and is looking for your help in creating the review for it, just got a new Android 11 Build update. New update V1.070 is 362 MB in size, and besides some obviously necessary fixes it didn’t bring May security patch. g10 is still patched with April security update.

Nokia 5.4 is also receiving new Build update, but for Android 10. New update V1.190 is huge (1.83 MB), unlike the update for Nokia G10. This update is as large as the new OS update, so maybe Nokia Mobile is preparing Nokia 5.4 for the next version of Android.

Nokia 2.2 got the May security patch in Pakistan, and maybe the update is available elsewhere too. Do check your 2.2 and come back if the update is available for you too.

Cheers to Akash, zaryan for the tip and screenshots and keeping Update tracker alive.