Nokia shows how smart street light poles should look like

The street light poles are useful to the community. They provide us with light during night or can be used as a resting place for birds to bombard us. Those are all great applications, but they could be put to use so much more. Nokia is doing that by getting involved in the LuxTurrim5G project in Finland with many partners with the goal to create a smart pole that would bring various sensors, cameras, and 5G emitters to the community. Nokia’s Espoo campus is a test site, and if you are there, you might be able to see some smart poles that are not so aesthetically good looking, but sure are smart. Also, you might see the GATCHA autonomous bus driving around, which is also a part of a smart and connected community.

Nokia published an informative video about its cooperation with LuxTurrim 5G which shows you how innovative this project is.

I wouldn’t mind having a WiFi antenna incorporated in the street light poles or some other sensors. The only things our city heads are allowing to put on them are the commercials that tend to break the poles during strong winds that we experience.

Cheers Deadpool for the tip 😉