Nokia creating a digital smart city of the future through LuxTurrim5G project

How would a modern city block look like and can 5G networks of the future make life more comfortable are some of the questions that people behind 5GTurrim project are trying to answer. Nokia is driving the project but many other companies and research groups are involved in it. The main goal of the project is to create the digital backbone of the smart city and new services based on the collected data.

The project is now in the second phase, and now the group of 26 partners will try to utilize the 5G smart pole concept that was developed in the first phase of the concept. Kera, a district in the City of Espoo, Finland, has been chosen as the testing site since Espoo aims to be Europe’s most sustainable and carbon-neutral city in the next decade. The smart light pole that has various sensors built-in and 5G base stations are going to be the backbone of the smart city network. The connection to superfast 5G networks can be beneficial for various businesses, autonomous transport like GATCHA bus that already is operating in the Nokia Campus, or other management solutions. The end goal is to transform the Kera area into an urban and smart district with at least 14,000 residents and 10,000 jobs.

By the end of this year, a network of 15 smart light poles will be installed, covering the route from Nokia’s Campus to Kera railway station. It will also support the self-driving robotic bus service. Next year we should be seeing some international pilots.

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