Video: Withings posted a bunch of how to videos about Steel HR watch

Withings, a part of Nokia, has published a bunch of videos on how to set up and use the best of their latest smart analogue watch, Steel HR. Just to remind you that the watch has been on sale for the past two months, but since the interest was too high it is hard to get it from the official web store and retailers. It features step and sports tracking, sleep and heart rate  monitoring, it shows time also and notifications. Battery can last up to 20 or more days and it is water proof.

So, let’s start with get to know video:


Here it is shown how to wear the Steel HR


Check out how to charge it,


Or how to perform a factory reset for some reason.


Here is how to adjust Steel HR if you are having trouble getting accurate HR readings


Check out how to initiate work-out mode



How to set and customize the notifications