Nokia is organizing Weekend Bikedays in Canada

Our planet is slowly changing thanks to the anthropogenic impact, and to save it, we as a species need to change. The process of changing can be difficult and painful, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way. We can change by doing small things that will affect ourselves individually, and riding a bike is one of the things that can help us change.
By doing that, we are burning carbs, exercising our cardiovascular system and going somewhere (if needed).

Nokia is organizing a nice event called Weekend Bikedays in Canada’s Capital. Every weekend from May to October, roads are being closed for traffic and opened to bikers, walkers, runners, skaters to have environmentally friendly fun and experience the beauties of Canada’s Capital Region. Kudos to Nokia for doing this kind of event that helps us build awareness of the environment and bring us closer to nature.

Here in Croatia, Nokia has an office in Zagreb, and since I’m based in Split, not much of Nokia is heard of here. There is a pretty big Ericsson office here in Split, and swedes are well integrated and connected with the local community and academy. Is Nokia doing some kind of similar events in your country or city?


Nokia presents Weekend Bikedays