ZEISS not Nokia-exclusive anymore? *UPDATED*

Nokia and ZEISS have been together for a long time now and their relationship is exemplary in the mobile phone business. But, the recent leaks about a new Xperia camera phone might reveal the new direction in the relationship ZEISS has with Nokia. According to the leaked info released by Max Weinbach, the latest Sony Xperia 1 (II) will be coming with ZEISS lenses that have ZEISS T coating system which is something new in the mobile phones. T coating is the anti-reflective (AR) coating that reduces ghosting and was invented by ZEISS. This is surely going to improve mobile phone photography, and maybe help Sony devices to be acknowledged as camera devices once again.

Xperia 1 (II) does seem like a good phone, and this kind of camera diversification is needed for Sony devices to step out a bit.

But, the main question here is why are we not seeing this brand new ZEISS technology being ported to Nokia phones, especially if their relationship is exclusive? Maybe the latest and still unannounced Nokia phones will be coming with that feature but marketed differently.
If you want to know more about the ZEISS T coating check this article.

We asked HMD Global about this and we’ll update the post when we get the answer.

Update: Sony Xperia 1 II with ZEISS optics was officially announced. You can see the comment about Zeiss partnership from HMD Global here.