RichGo announcing a simple Nokia Car Phone holder

After the announcement of a whole set of power cables and 12V car chargers, RichGo launched the first Nokia branded car phone holder. Nokia Mobile was planning to do the same, but the car holder with a 200 mAh battery built inside for unknown purposes was unfortunately canceled. RichGo announced Nokia E7203, which is a classic car phone holder without a charger and will support phones from 4 to 7-inch screens in diagonal. The holder can be attached by a suction cup on a windshield or an air conditioning port which is nice.

There is also three-point support for the arm and footrest, which should make the holder more stable. Additionally, the angle of the arm can be adjusted freely so your line of sight won’t be obstructed by a phone. It seems that the arm can be retracted or extended also. The phone is rested on a central plastic piece that comes with a cutaway for a charger port and is held firmly by sidearms, which is a standard way of keeping the phone in place. Probably there is a quick-release mechanism with a button at the back which unfortunately isn’t shown in the photos.

The price and availability are not known, but they will probably be available in China or some selected markets in Asia.

RichGo Nokia E7203