#Sailfish OS 2.1.0 (#Iijoki update) out for #Jolla devices

Finnish software maker Jolla pushed a new update to its Sailfish OS. The update is called Iijoki and bumps the OS version to 2.1.0. Iijoki is named after a river in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland and represents the biggest software release after the Aurajoki update. All the new features can be found on the official Jolla blog, and a brief description can be found down below.

Iijoki brings major architectural changes to Sailfish OS by introducing Qt 5.6 UI framework, BlueZ 5 Bluetooth stack and basic implementations of 64-bit architecture. It also brings improvements to the camera software with faster shutter speeds, initial support for Virtual Private Networks (VPN), option to enlarge UI fonts to different levels and last but not least, a large number of bug and error fixes mostly reported by our community.

If you are confused what Jolla has to do with Nokia, it’s quite simple. Jolla is founded by the Nokia people that worked on MeeGo, Nokia’s and Intel’s Linux-based OS that was running on the iconic Nokia N9. At first, Jolla had a goal of making its own smartphones and the OS, that would be licensed to others, but because of the fierce competition on the market, Jolla scaled back its plans, and changed the direction. They gave up on making hardware and focused on software instead. But Jolla’s path for Sailfish is not the broad consumer market, even though Sailfish can run Android apps, but the government sector. Jolla partnered with Russia and China, and is under negotiation with other countries, to make the Sailfish OS the official government OS in those countries.

After numerous leaks from Wikileaks, Edwader Snowden, Gucifer and others, it is clear that practically all operating systems, most of them owned by American companies, can be spied upon. Jolla guarantees privacy and security, but only time will tell if this can be done. We will keep supporting Jolla, and hope more phones will get the support for Sailfish OS, just like some Sony phones did (PDF) – maybe even the new Nokia smartphones.

Source: Jolla