HERE to include indoor navigation in WeGo app

HERE, a former department of Nokia and a creator of the HERE Maps app that all the Nokia Lumia users used to navigate the roads, is planning some upgrades for its current app. HERE is planning on bringing the indoor navigation to its WeGo app and thus combine it with the classic outdoor navigation. The plan is for the app to be able to navigate you from your office desk to the entrance of the airplane, including a taxi ride to the airport. That would be something new for end-users, and eventually useful since it is nice to know the direction to the gate by glancing the screen of your phone. HRER doesn’t plan to stop just there, the company will also offer services like booking a hotel room, renting a car or finding you a parking spot at the airport.

HERE demonstrated the new features of its app at CES2020, but we’ll have to wait a bit more for that update. HERE mapped a lot of indoor areas, but for the navigation, the WiFi network along with BT beacons will be used since satellites are no good in the buildings.

While the new features of the WeGo app will be welcomed by many users, the real challenge will be to replace Google or Apple Maps from the users of Android and iPhone devices. While many old Nokians will maybe try the WeGo app, Google Maps is really doing a nice job now. The only thing where WeGo maps are better currently is the inclusion of Speed cameras in the navigation part of the app. If you forgot about the HERE Maps, or WeGo nowadays, check it at Play Store.

Looking forward to see what HERE prepared for the users in Barcelona.