Sailfish OS is now Aurora OS in Russia


After Jolla decided to exit the hardware business, more attention was given to the development of its Sailfish OS. This OS was welcomed in the BRICS countries as an alternative to Android and iOS because of numerous reasons, among which the secureness of the phones was number one. Russian Federation is one of those BRICS countries that is massively using Sailfish OS for its government and government-owned companies. Russian Rostelecom, one of the largest government-owned companies, recently acquired 75% of the open mobile platform on which the Jolla’s Sailfish OS was developed. They announced that the Sailfish Mobile OS RUS will be further developed and rebranded as Aurora OS. The new OS is still going to be based on Jolla’s Sailfish OS, but the only difference will be the lack of support for Android apps. The Russian government is planning to transfer around 8 million users to Aurora OS run devices, and the process should be done by 2021. The whole transition process should cost the Russians around 160.2 billion rubles.

This maybe isn’t how we imagined the future of Sailfish OS, but it is a big deal for Jolla since it will financially secure the development of the MeeGo OS successor.

Source: Rostelecom / Via: Suomimobiili