HERE refreshed its WeGo Beta navigation app

HERE Maps, or previously known as Nokia Maps or Ovi Maps if you like, was a part of Nokia, which Finns sold to a consortium of German carmakers Audi, BMW, and Mercedes back in 2015. The company expanded its focus from maps to car navigation, precise indoor and outdoor mapping and selling maps and location services to companies like BMW, Garmin, and Amazon. Their app is has undergone some changes over the years pretty much is still looking the same as we remember it from Nokia days.

You can still sign in with your account, which will get your collections displayed in the pull-up menu. The app can also be used offline since you can download maps from all around the world, and that is why we all loved this app since Google maps relied on constant internet connection. The settings and the rest of the options are the same but just rearranged to look modern.
I am a fan of the classic HERE app since it reminds me of the glory days when Nokia was even better than google in the navigation especially offline navigation, but maybe it is time to change the colors, contrasts, animations of the app for the best.

I like how the new driving app looks. The new waypoints are a useful feature, but I’d love to have speed cameras included in the map, which is something that Waze did well. Also, HERE could maybe improve or add things like reports which is a nice feature of the Waze navigation app.

If you are not a beta tester, I might say that the Beta version of HERE WeGo looks pretty much final and that it could become official. There are some slight bugs which will probably get cleaned up. If you’d like to test the beta app, click HERE WeGo Beta.