Nokia 5.3 receiving Android Build (V1.240) update

Updated with an overview of the update

Nokia 5.3 is one of the three Nokia phones that Nokia Mobile launched in March 2020. The phone is now receiving a new Android Build update, which should be correcting numerous bugs present in the current UI. The update is marked V1.240, 219 MB large, and besides the July security patch is bringing system stability improvements and UI enhancements.
The update is available globally, so if you are next to your 5.3, do check if you can make it better.

I’m updating the phone while I’m writing this post, and will get back later when I check if some of the bugs are taken care of now.
Nokia 5.3 looks like a promising mid-range phone, but the software bugs make it frustrating to use.

So the update brought some slight but significant changes which. Now the most of the bugs seem to be fixed, but couldn’t check all of them so far. The UI display rotation is much smoother now and the screen doesn’t rotate so frequently. All the other UI animations have been polished so the phone feels a bit faster. The face unlock is still slow, but working.

The camera app has been upgraded from the version 96.9.0370.059 to the version 96.9.0370.065, but I haven’t noticed any significant changes. The main camera is still doing well, maybe the shots are a bit sharper, and Macro camera seems to have improved with the update. The wide angle camera still tends to distort photos at the edges and the differences in colors are still visible when you switch between the main and wide cameras.

If you do notice something new, do share it in the comments.


Thanks Benedikt for the screenshot and a tip.