New Nokia model TA-1207 passed the FCC certification

Nokia model TA-1207 has just got certified by the FCC which means it is coming to the US market. According to the released documents, TA-1207 could be a mid-range Nokia smartphone since the device will be coming with a WT130 3000 (2920) mAh battery, Android OS, and cheaper HS-34 headset that Nokia Mobile was shipping with Nokia 7.2.

The dimensions of the device are 70.46 mm x 146.56 mm, which similar to the dimensions of the Nokia 1 Plus or Nokia C1.

While we are still missing the Nokia 5.2, it wouldn’t be strange if Nokia Mobile releases the all-new Nokia 1(.3), or launches a smartphone version of some Nokia Original model.

Anyway, MWC2020 is close, and in the coming days, we’ll hopefully be getting a lot of new info about the upcoming devices.


Source FCC