Nokia Chronicles brings Grant from Grant Likes Tech

You got to be a Nokia fan if you end up as a special guest on the Nokia Chronicles podcast. Or, you probably used Nokia phones once while growing up. The latest guest of Nokia Chronicles is Grant from Grant Likes Tech, who also used Nokia phones back in the day.

Grant is doing tech videos on YouTube about smartphones that we all like or we’d like to have. Grant does nice camera comparisons of the latest popular smartphones, which is his forte. He also shares his opinion of the smartphones he is reviewing which is based on his use of the phones for a longer period.

Grant also shared some thoughts on Nokia, where he thinks Nokia is today and if Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) is doing the right job. If you spare some 25 minutes of your time, you’ll also hear Grant’s top 5 Nokia devices.

Click on the photo below and enjoy another Nokia Chronicles podcast.

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