DXOMARK reviewed Nokia 7.2 camera

DXOMark reviewed the main and selfie camera of Nokia 7.2. The main camera (or cameras since there are three of them) scored 85 points, while the selfie camera got 78. DXOMARK said that the camera of Nokia 7.2 is generally a good one, and feels much better than the camera of older Nokia 8, and can even be compared with the camera of Nokia 9PV. They did a lot of comparison tests with Samsung A50, and 7.2 made even better photos than Samsung’s midranger.

They also said that Nokia 7.2 has accurate exposure, but isn’t quite as good for color, autofocus, or night shots. In both indoor and outdoor conditions, the Nokia 7.2 offers “…good exposure, with fairly wide dynamic range in high-contrast scenes and generally pleasant color rendering”.

I must say that DXOMark did a fair and realistic review where the real good and bad things were pointed out. The night shot could be better, as well as the autofocus, but generally Nokia 7.2 creates great photos for its class. There is still much space for improvement though, and that can be done with some updates of the camera app. But, it is strange to see that Nokia 9 PV got 2 points lower score, especially when we know what is that camera capable of.


Read the full review at DXOMark, and tell us if you agree with them this time :).


Cheers Branko for the tip 😉