Nokia created a dedicated page for brand licensing

If you have a great product, but you are not so sure how it should look like, or if its quality would be the best, then you could enter the brand licensing deal with Nokia, and have a time of your life. After the sales of Devices and Services division and a failed experiment with the Nokia Health department, Nokia developed a brand licensing business. The first test was the launch of the Nokia N1 tablet, and the full deal was later announced with HMD Global. Nokia is now licensing Nokia OZO Audio, and its brand came back to (smart)TV devices. Nokia can do that because its brand reputation is high and recognized by millions around the world. Nokia is offering to potential partners access to Nokia Design, faster market appearance time and a chance to show the product at biggest tech shows like MWC, CES, IFA, and others.

Nokia created a dedicated page where it is clearly specifying what new brand licensing deals they are interested in. The top three are Connected home or other household electrical items, Wearable Devices, and Mobile phone accessories, but you can also try to stick the Nokia brand to some other products. This brings me to hope that I’ll be seeing the propper Nokia smartwatch, something similar to Huawei Watch GT or GT2.
So, if you are a manufacturer with an interesting product, let’s say a smartwatch, and you think it has the potential of becoming a popular product, check out Nokia pages for brand licensing. What do you think guys, a Nokia smartwatch deal based on a brand licensing business Nokia did with Flipkart for Nokia Smart TV? Huami could do it for Nokia.

Great find Usernew54. Thx for the tip 😉