Great video comparison between Nokia 9 PureView, Huawei P30 Pro and Lumia 950

When Nokia 9 PureView was released, many reviewers said that its penta camera setup didn’t bring anything extra that will improve, or for that reason change the smartphone camera experience. That was mainly because of the unfinished camera application that initially came with the device. But, Nokia Mobile has been working a lot to improve the quality of the Nokia 9 PV camera output and the results are great. Well, they are great if you look at the nicely done comparison between Nokia 9 PureView and Huawei P30 Pro cameras created by Youtube channel Pixel Peepers.

The jpeg and RAW files from both devices were compared and according to the reviewer, Nokia 9 PV gave better results, even in the post-editing on the computer software. The reviewer also mentioned that the color representation on Nokia 9 PV photos is closest to the natural conditions. Do check out the comparison, and do tell us what do you think.

Here is another great comparison video.

WillItBeatNokia YouTube channel posted another camera comparison video between Nokia 9 Pureview, Huawei P30 Pro, and good old Microsoft Lumia 950. In this comparison, the Nokia 9 PureView created the most realistic photos and showed that mobile phones are almost ready to replace real cameras as an everyday shooter. At least, it will take less space in the traveler’s bag. Here goes the video.